House of the Premyslids | Znojmo

The reconstruction of the building was carried out under the supervision of local conservationists according to the original design of a burgher’s house from the 15th century. It is a corner two-storey building with a residential attic and a preserved cellar on Přemyslovců Street and Velká Františkánská Street on a busy street opposite the brewery and the entrance to the Rotunda…Read more

Villa Kolejní | Brno

The newly built family house with a built-up area of ​​248 m2 and the opposite building with a studio, garage and wine cellar (230 m2) are situated on the site of the original tennis court, inserted into the surrounding terrain. The long but narrow residential building situated on the edge of the plot visually opens up to…Read more

Half-Timbered House | Znojmo

The new building with five apartments was created on the torso of a corner building, the origin of which is estimated as early as the 13th century, however, we can grasp the building’s history more firmly from the first half of the 15th century. The Gothic-Renaissance cellar, part of the Gothic stone masonry, Gothic sandstone portals, stone…Read more

Villa in an Apple Orchard | Slovakia

The villa is located on a sloping plot above the city center. The location of the villa is influenced by the protection zone of the gas pipeline, and therefore the building is situated in the highest possible position, allowing a view of the orchards with the sunrise. Like the garage building, the villa works with a sloping terrain,…Read more

Villa | Brno-Ivanovice

The building is materially designed as a simple block with openings forming the covered terraces of the house for the living room and bedrooms. The exterior gives the impression of massiveness, which is emphasized by the tiling on the front of the house from Italian, large-format tiles. A combination of smooth, white walls with lacquered door surfaces…Read more

Small Apartment Building | Němčany

The investor’s task was to convert a small multifunctional house, located near Brno, into a small apartment building. The concept of the project was to use the already existing cellars and build on their vertical communication. The volume of the building balances the neighboring town hall and responds to its tower with a dormer hiding the rooms of the…Read more

Hotel Golf Resort | Villa District | Líšnice

The designs of the Líšnická villa development and the hotel, located near the historically oldest golf courses in the Czech Republic, are closely connected not only by their location, but also by the expression of the development itself. In the case of the hotel, it is a traditional representative of its typology. The illuminated central corridor…Read more

Studio Menšík Skrušný | Brno

When creating our common studio, we were limited by the predetermined layout of the reinforced concrete building in which our studio is located. The studio is therefore slightly adapted to the original purpose of the space. Upon entering the studio, one finds himself in a hall with a camel-leather sofa that contrasts slightly with the dark Wenge…Read more

City Gate | Ostrava – Biskupská

The task of the competition was to design a multifunctional apartment building, which is located on plots bordered by Biskupská, Klášterní and 28.října streets. The whole concept of our solution is based on the fulfillment of the important task of the building, which is to create a city gate to the historic centre. The mass of the…Read more

Panorama Apartment Buildings | Boskovice

The urban planning of the new development is based on the framework set by the regulations (percentage of built-up area, helicopter take-off curves of the neighboring hospital and the nearby single track of the Czech Railways), and the link to the urban planning of neighboring apartment buildings. On the north side of the plot there…Read more

Apartment Building | Nové Město na Moravě

The apartment building is located in a new urban complex, a city-initiated territorial study. In the steep slope, the building is set so that the space under the gardens of the lower apartments serve as underground garages and adjoining utility and storage spaces of the house. On the second floor there is access to the building from…Read more

Radeton Training Centre | Brno

The purpose of the single-storey extension of an office building is a training centre for a company dealing with tracing technology. The centre is to offer a large meeting and training room, laboratories and projection rooms. Materially, the building follows the complex geometry of the existing building and encloses the garden in a courtyard, the last open side of…Read more

Craft Beer Pub – Dobré Pivo | Brno

The investor’s assignment was an inexpensive and very quick reconstruction of the rental space, in which a café was located for a long time. The result of the reconstruction was to be a pleasant mini-cellar, which makes full use of interesting but small ground floor spaces located right in the centre of Brno. The main idea of the study…Read more

Detached Family Housing | Sloup

We have designed 14 modular family houses in Sloup for a new area consisting of the development of family houses, which is based on a territorial study designed by the Brno urban center U.S.B. In a simple linear street, connected to the whole area, single-storey buildings are incorporated by a simple arrangement, based on the requirements of the study….Read more

Golden Fields Residence | Letovice

The design of apartment buildings modified the territorial study of the KT architects studio and thus created a row of apartment buildings with an East / West orientation, following the character of the urbanism of the given locality. This spatial system gave rise to four apartment buildings, each of which is divided into two units with…Read more

Sun Site | Letovice

The overall concept of the site is based on the unique secluded location of the land on the north side of Letovice. These plots are exceptional not only for their location, completely in nature, adjacent to Letovice forests, streams and meadows, but also for the very hilly terrain sloping not only to the watercourse, but…Read more

Architecture Manual – Cemetery | Letovice

The task of this difficult architectural and landscape assignment was to analyze the historical part of the Letovice cemetery and the overall concept of the solution for all four parts of this large cemetery area by the example of the oldest cemetery part. It was very difficult to determine and create a system of approach to…Read more

Townhouse | Brno-Žabovřesky

An interesting task for our office was a narrow gap in Brno’s Žabovřesky. However, the land, which is located in the development of mostly family houses of the original order, has a fundamental lack of gap width. In some places, it only reaches a width of slightly over six meters. Due to the fact that two parking spaces had…Read more

Wedding Barn | Zakřany

The task of this project was to design a new wedding barn and accommodation for guests on a plot of land located on the outskirts of Zakřany village, in the vicinity of forests and a local sawmill. The motive accompanying the whole proposal is to strive for a sensitive approach to the balance between a traditional building such as a barn…Read more

Villa | Zbraslav u Brna

The architectural task was the design and implementation of a villa for a young family. They bought a nice garden plot near the center of Zbraslav u Brna. It is practically a flat plot on a quiet street, which connects the development of especially detached family houses. The mass of the villa, based on the module and process connections, consists of…Read more

Villa Masaryk District | Brno

Our office was invited to participate in a competition for the reconstruction of a villa with a listed street facade. According to our analysis, the villa, located in one of the most attractive districts, has undergone a number of alterations and additions. Nevertheless, the front façade itself and the crafted entrance staircase with a fence remained in their original form….Read more

Villa Wolframitz | Olbramovice

The investor’s task was to create a minimalist, maintenance-free living space opening into an inner atrium with a water surface and sufficient space to store a private collection of veterans. The flat plot, adjoining the existing barn building, is located on a longitudinal plot, a traditional Moravian row village, built along the main road. The newly designed building, together with the…Read more

Reconversion to an Apartment Building | Brno – Židenice

The subject of the design, a three-storey building with a residential attic, which currently serves as a family house with three separate apartments, is located on a sloping plot on Škrochova Street in the Brno-Židenice district. According to the client’s wishes, the task for our studio was to change the functional use of this building, which dates back to the…Read more

Semi-Detached Houses | Blanensko

Our office prepared a buildability study of the area for the owners’ association. The land is located in the Moravian Blanensko region and is an attractive place on the western slope of the valley, which we had to make the most of with regard to the forest protection zone. Emphasis was placed on loosening the optical…Read more

Country House | Železné

Our office was approached by the investor for a variant elaboration of an already prepared study, which was to obtain a new unifying visual according to the wishes of the married couple. In addition, the assignment was affected by the almost completed rough construction and the changes that were made compared to the original project. In essence,…Read more

New Cultural Centre | Letovice

The task of the competition was to prepare the basis for a territorial study of the area of ​​the town centre of Letovice. This area, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Masaryk Square, is bordered on the west by the river Svitava and on the east by Českobratrská Street. Even though the task was…Read more

Villa | Lysice

At the beginning of the cooperation with a young couple of investors, there was a very detailed program on the one hand, which already had an almost determined layout after the previous cooperation with a designer, and on the other hand a beautiful plot of land at the very end of the town. Therefore, our effort was to extract…Read more

Apartment Building | Brno – Židenice

The apartment building project complements a wide gap on Škrochova Street in the Brno-Židenice district. This assignment was particularly interesting for our office, as it seamlessly follows our already implemented project of reconstructing the neighboring building. The land, which is located in a low-rise development of family and apartment houses, is characterized primarily by its width and…Read more

Multi-Generation Houses | Brno – Bystrc

Thanks to a change in the zoning plan, a number of new urban complexes will be built on the outskirts of the well-known Brno housing estate. One of them is our proposed area of ​​small apartment buildings. The narrow, steeply rising plot creates ideal conditions for terraced construction with a view of the entire city. Such an urban…Read more


The subject of the design, a three-storey building with a residential attic, which currently serves as a family house with three separate apartments, is located on a sloping plot on Škrochova Street in the Brno-Židenice district. According to the client’s wishes, the task for our studio was to change the functional use of this building, which dates back to the…Read more

Main Entrance of the Central Cemetery | Brno

Alpha and omega. Beginning and end. Two buildings as the gate of the largest cemetery in Brno. Two objects that do not form a barrier, but create space. The buildings, which bring the bereaved with dignity to the place of the last rest, connect the public space with the cemetery, concentrate the necessary facility in one…Read more

Apartment building | Brno – Řečkovice

The urban solution is based on the already determined site plan and location of the central gas boiler center and commercial premises on Renčova Street. This low-rise building with a square floor plan marks the boundaries of the built-up main mass of the apartment building. The only exception to the existing floor plan of the building…Read more

Interior for a Young Family | Letovice – Golden Fields

The assignment of the complete interior design of the apartment in the new building was created on the occasion of the sale in our own development plan – Golden Fields Residence in Letovice. The young married couple had a clear idea of ​​living for themselves and their two daughters. The entire design process thus took place…Read more

Housing complex Panorama – I. stage | Boskovice

“The first big comission on which we spent the first five years of our office’s existence. A complex task that required not only an architectural sense for social housing in the existing structure of the city, but also a technical test, during which we had to deal with several protection zones and difficult engineering. Several studies before us…Read more