Studio Menšík Skrušný | Brno

David Menšík, Petr Skrušný, Jr., Petr Skrušný, Sr.
Menšík Skrušný
Filip Kůřil
Commerce, Interior

When creating our common studio, we were limited by the predetermined layout of the reinforced concrete building in which our studio is located. The studio is therefore slightly adapted to the original purpose of the space.

Upon entering the studio, one finds himself in a hall with a camel-leather sofa that contrasts slightly with the dark Wenge veneer. The logo of the studio is also cut in it, which is backlit with LED strips. The whole system is integrated into the internal insulation of the building.

The dark veneer is followed by a unique durable woven vinyl floor, which forms the basis of a sustainable working environment. In contrast, all furniture has a white laminate surface. It connects to the wall with storage spaces and shelves illuminated by LED strips, which are designed for publications and architectural models. The workstations are complemented by comfortable Herman-Müller armchairs and subtle monitors that follow the atmosphere of the interior.

The top motif of the space, otherwise illuminated only by strip windows with high windowsills, is the Barrisol stretch ceiling. It illuminates workplaces and creates an environment that is sufficiently treated with light even in winter and in the evening. The front of the room is reserved for a wall covered in a smart whiteboard paint.

From the open study room for the entire studio, there is a view through the interior window to the meeting room combined with the kitchen. This space is dominated by a meeting table axially connected to a strip window with a high windowsill. The back wall is then made of Wenge veneer, where are hidden doors for toilets, showers and storage. The wall opposite the door is used as a kitchen and storage space. The tiling behind the kitchen counter is contrasted in black glass.