Interior for a Young Family | Letovice - Golden Fields

David Menšík, Ondřej Žvak
David Menšík
Ondřej Žvak
Menšík Skrušný
STOMM s.r.o.
Novak's family
Apartment interior design

The assignment of the complete interior design of the apartment in the new building was created on the occasion of the sale in our own development plan – Golden Fields Residence in Letovice. The young married couple had a clear idea of ​​living for themselves and their two daughters. The entire design process thus took place in close cooperation with the investors, who together with us designed both the material palette and the placement of the furniture.

Upon entering the apartment, we find ourselves on the tiles in olive shade. It connects the utilitarian and hygienic facilities with the entrance hall and the space for the kitchenette. In the living room, it is designed on the axis of the room in a frame set. It is disturbed only in the placement of the installation shaft, which is sensitively incorporated into the kitchen set and thus complements the kitchen corner in the shape of the letter “L”. This shape is followed by a dining table opposite which is the entire living room, ie sofa and furniture wall. In the children’s room, a similar principle of the built-in furniture wall opposite the window opening is used. This is disturbed by only two beds, which are integrated into the cabinet wall for privacy reasons. These beds are then tandemly connected with the equipment of the children’s room in the form of shelves and work tables. In the master bedroom, the front door was moved so that two sets of furniture could also be placed on the two side walls. An integrated bed on the left and a wardrobe on the right. The owner’s wish was also to place a sewing table in front of the bed, which is thus directly part of the built-in furniture in the room. The dispositions of the hygienic facilities remained unchanged, but better quality materials and sanitation were used.

The material solution works with a set palette including olive, gray, ocher, and in the case of a children’s room, dusty pink shades. Everything is complemented by brushed rustic smoky oak veneer and brass fittings, following the materiality of the apartment building. It was essential to use pieces of high-quality and durable furniture, such as tables and chairs from the Czech manufacturer TON, or work furniture from the local Boskovice company LD seating to supplement the mostly built-in furniture.