Craft Beer Pub - Dobré Pivo | Brno

David Menšík, Barbora Hrončeková
Menšík Skrušný
Filip Kůřil
BARAN Beer s.r.o.
Commerce interior

The investor’s assignment was an inexpensive and very quick reconstruction of the rental space, in which a café was located for a long time. The result of the reconstruction was to be a pleasant mini-cellar, which makes full use of interesting but small ground floor spaces located right in the centre of Brno.

The main idea of the study was to unify the interior with a uniform floor in an earthy shade and to replace the original unaesthetic tiles. The bar area and access to the toilets were then to be separated by hexagonal tiles, leading to the front wall of the space. Glazed and illuminated shelves were designed on this wall, which did not take the attention away from the hexagons in white, burgundy and brass shades corresponding to the floor and interior accessories.

The furniture was made of thin solid wood in a light shade of oak. It is complemented by moldings and edging with an aluminum edge in a brass shade. The load-bearing and stressed elements are made of black cast iron. The luminaires were replaced by simple brass sockets and large-sized LED bulbs. Above the bar, the light flow of the bulbs is directed by a shade, which was produced directly by the study clients. It is also made in metallic spraying evoking brass.

All wiring is exposed and pulled on the plaster. The most economically possible retro sockets and switches were used, which complete the atmosphere of the interior. The walls of the room are lined with a brass trench molding, a high oak plinth and a plastered clinker cladding between the vaults, which replaces the masonry originally declared in the study, but it was inconsistent and in a desolate state as a result of past reconstructions.