Semi-Detached Houses | Blanensko

David Menšík
Pavel Hodek
Menšík Skrušný
Private owners association
Urbanism, Semi-detached houses

Our office prepared a buildability study of the area for the owners’ association. The land is located in the Moravian Blanensko region and is an attractive place on the western slope of the valley, which we had to make the most of with regard to the forest protection zone. Emphasis was placed on loosening the optical barrier that otherwise classic terraced houses in the street create. This was achieved thanks to the generous division of land and the system of semi-detached houses and double garages, which together with the change in the height of the buildings disrupt the uniform mass. Between these buildings, there is space for a leveling staircase leading to the gardens on the first floor. The staircase is a reflection on connecting the public space with the private space of the garden without the use of physical barriers. Thanks to the steep slope, the first floor on the east side is buried and the second floor opens into the gardens. That is why, thanks to the width of the land and the possibility of parking in the garage outside the building, the street floor is also used for living. There is a master bedroom with private bathroom and front garden. In this case, we found a pattern in the form of the yards of the British workers’ colonies. An interesting motif is the terrace on the roof of the parking semi-detached building, which creates a platform for a view of the street and a place for a solitary tree. This will form the dominant feature when viewed from the round window of the children’s bedrooms.