Villa | Brno-Ivanovice

Petr Skrušný St.
Petr Skrušný St.
Filip Kůřil
Private client
Villa, Interior

The building is materially designed as a simple block with openings forming the covered terraces of the house for the living room and bedrooms. The exterior gives the impression of massiveness, which is emphasized by the tiling on the front of the house from Italian, large-format tiles. A combination of smooth, white walls with lacquered door surfaces and built-in furniture are chosen as the basic concept of the interior. All technical elements and appliances are built into the furniture and almost invisible. Everything is fitted with gypsum plaster, even wooden floor moldings. A solid oak floor in a honey shade is used to insulate the interior. Large-format photographs with exotic themes on the walls and some furniture solitaires were then selected for this shade. Gravelli subtle concrete slabs in graphite are used for the kitchen worktop, dining table and coffee table.

The way of lighting the worktop is then completely innovative – a custom-made LED diode, dimmable luminaire and special fittings for the sliding walls of the kitchen work area, where the cover door can be inserted completely perpendicularly into the walls. The revolving partition wall between the living space and the hallway to the bedrooms is also unique, as it has no side mounting and the swinging mechanism is built into the floor and ceiling. For a feeling of security and intimacy, we moved a part of the building or the roof in front of the house, thus creating a roofed space, which in the summer months increases the living space by another attractive space, which, however, is well-covered from the observers by massive pillars and suitable greenery.