Villa | Lysice

Magdaléna Buzová, David Menšík
Ondřej Žvak
Menšík Skrušný
Private client

At the beginning of the cooperation with a young couple of investors, there was a very detailed program on the one hand, which already had an almost determined layout after the previous cooperation with a designer, and on the other hand a beautiful plot of land at the very end of the town. Therefore, our effort was to extract the concept and spatial composition of the design so that we could create a completely new and more functional floor plan and material solution, which will continue to match the client’s design. The stylistic expression of the villa itself is based on this basis.

The spatial boundary is determined by four blocks with a square floor plan. Each of them houses one separate functional zone of the house and the villa thus gets a clear concept. The utilitary, social and private zone is located on the first floor and creates an L-shape, which thus marks the private space with a garden terrace and swimming pool at the social part of the house. The last block grows on the second floor from the corner and stores offices with a guest room and bathroom.

The layout follows this arrangement and meets the specific requirements of the family. In the utilitary part of the house there is a large garage, an entrance hall with a cloakroom and a connecting corridor with storage spaces. In the private zone there are three bedrooms facing away from the social terrace and sanitary facilities with storage, laundry and utility room. In the social zone there is a large living room with kitchen, sanitary facilities, pantry and stairs. It opens into a work and guest area with a private bathroom.

Expressively, the villa clearly follows the Brno generation of interwar modernism and the designed, reflective facades are arranged in the spirit of a strict geometric composition. The strip windows are based on the golden ratio that is repeated in several planes. In the verticals, not only the openings correspond to each other, but also other façade elements that help the aesthetic geometry of the house. This has become the central motif of the villa and our office has prepared extensive documents documenting this design process so that it can be preserved both during construction and possible reconstructions.

The materials of the house correspond to its reference source. The surfaces of the materials are made in a simple smooth plaster with a white coating. Aluminum windows in black spraying are connected by panels of black glass and other facade elements complete this palette in black. The only exceptions are the roofs made of exposed concrete. The paved surfaces are made of paving blocks, or polished large-format concrete paving.