House of the Premyslids | Znojmo

Petr Skrušný, Jr., Petr Skrušný, Sr.
Petr Skrušný, Sr.
Architektonika 3000
David Menšík, Petr Skrušný

The reconstruction of the building was carried out under the supervision of local conservationists according to the original design of a burgher’s house from the 15th century. It is a corner two-storey building with a residential attic and a preserved cellar on Přemyslovců Street and Velká Františkánská Street on a busy street opposite the brewery and the entrance to the Rotunda of St. Catherine.

On the ground floor there is a maashaus with a stone fountain, two rental spaces and a small apartment. On the first floor there is a large burgher apartment and a smaller servant apartment. The residential attic is used for two apartments.

At the entrance to the building through the renovated massive gate, there is a dominant view of the stone fountain in the middle of the unroofed atrium, which is paved with the original stone paving. From the inside, the house looks like a pavlatche, but the individual pavlatches serve as corridors to the rooms in the apartment itself. The whole house is connected by the original oak staircase in combination with the mosaic lined platforms connecting to the oak floor in the apartments. The wooden casement windows have hand-cut glazing. Accessories include brass elements, ceramic switches and drawers with historic furniture.