Small Apartment Building | Němčany

David Menšík, Ondřej Žvak
Ondřej Žvak
Menšík Skrušný
Patrik Malár
Apartment building

The investor’s task was to convert a small multifunctional house, located near Brno, into a small apartment building. The concept of the project was to use the already existing cellars and build on their vertical communication. The volume of the building balances the neighboring town hall and responds to its tower with a dormer hiding the rooms of the attic apartment. The mass of the building is then stretched to the courtyard, where there is an entrance at the parking lot and the entrance to the building.

The morphology of the building uses a simple grid of double-glazed windows, revealing the division of interior spaces. On the ground floor, classic windows are used with a raised window sill forming, together with the greenery, a cover from parking spaces and the road. These windows are followed by French windows, which are also used in the courtyard areas for the kitchen and living room. In the attic floor, the raster is terminated using the same windows as in the first floor.

The material solution tries to follow the character of a village building. Turquoise wooden windows lined with stucco chambranles are complemented by decorative copper railings. Copper also appears on the plating of the dormer, the roof itself and all the details of the building. The facades of the building are treated with traditional plaster.